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New Year, New You… Right? How To Make Things Happen in 2017!

New Years

With every new year (or if you’ve really got it together, before the new year begins) we all make promises to ourselves that somehow, some way this will be the year of change, growth and knocking our goals out of the park.

So how do you go about actually making that happen without falling off sometime around February 14th? Roughly 8% of the population will keep their resolutions. Give yourself the upper hand and hit the ground running by following a few rules for success in 2017!


Rule #1: Set Goals that are Actually Attainable.

Two words– Goal Work. Thinking of what your goals may be and making a list is pretty easy. However, there is actually a bit of work that goes into devising what those actually are and what they mean. Make them as specific as possible. Ok, you want to save 10k this year. Craft a plan and figure out how to get the job done by making your goals measurable. In what way can you see yourself making progress? Each month? Each quarter? Make sure the goal is time-bound and relevant. This will set you up for success because working with a deadline is proven to increase the likelihood of long-term success!

Rule #2: Come up with Your Word. 

This word should be something related to one, if not all, of your goals. It supports the way you want to live your life not only for this year but for years to come.  Maybe you want to cultivate more joy in both the professional and personal realms of your world. Maybe it’s Peace. Simplification. Tenacity. Intention. Trust. Whatever it may be, make that word your mantra. Live and breathe by it. Write in on your bathroom mirror or put it on the fridge, so that it’s a constant reminder of what you want and where you’re headed.

Rule #3: Practice Saying No.

Whether your resolution is health based, business based, or centered around your personal life, practicing the art of saying “no” can be beneficial to achieving your goals in more ways than one. It allows you to check-in with yourself and prioritize for you, so that you are always considering your best interest above all else. Will saying yes to this social event take away from my financial goals? If the answer is yes, say no. Will going in for that slice of pie slow the progress I’ve made for feeling the way I want to feel in my body? If yes, say no. Saying “no” (in moderation, of course) = Game Changer!

Rule #4: Pick Yourself Up- Practice Forgiveness

There will be times that you fall off the wagon and become sidetracked. Everything about that is normal and ok! Life will happen. It doesn’t matter as much that you dropped the ball as much as it matters how you picked yourself back up. Grace and forgiveness will go a long way in helping you get closer to reaching those goals. The sooner we realize that being human means messing up, we’re able to get back on track and down to the business of realizing our fullest potential. Remember, with every step backwards there comes a chance to jet propel yourself 5x forwards!


Whether you want to travel out of the country for the first time, open your own business, or even buy your first home, writing those things out and seeing them come to fruition can be one of the most empowering feelings! We wish everyone the best for 2017 and nothing but love, joy, prosperity and health!


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