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Organizational Tips!

While we are no The Home Edit, our team is a fan of a beautifully organized space. We wanted to give our Top 5 tips for home organization!

  1. Get rid of the clutter! You can Kon Marie or just use the obvious but get rid of the things you do not need! Seperate by donate, trash, and give to friends or family. If you have not used or touched something in less than 6 months, it should be gone!
  2. Bins and baskets! Mix metals and textures, use ones with lids, or all matching just give everything a spot!
  3. Clear bins in the pantry and kitchen! This is so easy, and cheap, but used clear jars, bins, and boxes for pantry and cabinets. From small ones for spices to large once for bulk items, if you see it, you will be more likely to use it. Also, great for the earth, refill by buying in bulk at stores like Sprouts!
  4. Use unconventional items like over the door shoe organizer for cleaners, hanging suit holder for wrapping paper, under the bed storage bins for holiday items.
  5. LABELS! An easy one but you can get a vintage inspired labeler or a printed one for pretty cheap and this just confirms EVERYTHING has a spot!



What are your favorite organization tips?


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