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Packing Tips!

This is not going to be ground breaking news but a good place to start! I (Nicole) have literally moved once a year for about 6 years. I LOVE living in new neighborhoods and areas, I have my home well thought out and with only things I love, which makes moving easy (or atleast easier). Here are my top 5 tips (this is just scratching the surface)!

  1. Using reusable bins. It may cost a little more but they are using to reuse, sell, or keep for the next move. I try to pick up big plastic bins on sale and store for when I will move or let friends and family use too! (Plus, better for the environment!)
  2. Paper plates between glass plates. Make it cushy. When packing up the kitchen too, I will use a sock drawer or other small items to pack in between bar-wear and glasses.
  3. Use labels tape or stickers on outside of what room the box goes into. It is going to make the move in to the new home so much easier if they are in the spots they need to be.
  4. Keep a “move in day bag”. Leave a roll of toilet paper, paper towels, one all purpose cleaner, and other items you know you will need the day of!
  5. For the closet DO NOT take all items off the hanger (that is the worst!), instead take sections and wrap in a trash bag with the hangers left out of the top. Then at the new house just hang, take off trash bag (reuse), and go!!

What is your favorite packing tip?

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