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What To Do The Most Insane Weekend In Nashville, This Weekend

As Friday is winding down, we are all itching to get to the weekend. The weather is beautiful and there is SO MUCH going on! I saw there is estimated to be over 340,000 people in and area Downtown for various events. As someone who A. Does not run and B. Does not care about the NFL Draft, here are some ideas on things to do!

  1. If you do find yourself getting the itch to see Downtown and the Draft in person, also check out Downtown Sporting Club that just opened Thursday! Where the imfamous Paradise Park once stood (my hand down favorite spot on Broadway), Strategic Hosptiality has done it again. From a coffee bar to ax throwing, this place is going to be a welcomed change on Broadway.
  2. Head to Edwin Warner for the 6 mile loop. Carve out 2 hours for some self care, this is one place where I find myself the most relaxed. Take a photo of the stairs too, to show off the hard work.
  3. If you are a sucker for pain but not Downtown pain, the Downtown Franklin Main Street Festival is this weekend. Get some homemade goods and some good foods. Visit our favorite store, White Mercantile. I personally have a girls brunch at Ruby Sunshine on Sunday, the new New Orleans style brunch food!


Now I am off to enjoy 12 South where I live, before the madness starts!

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